An investors dream for SE QLD.

An exciting new rail project has just been announced that will cut travel time between Sunshine Coast and Brisbane by more than 45 minutes.

This is an investor's dream, as improved transport options for the Sunshine Coast will continue to drive house prices up.

This week, the QLD government announced a $2.75 billion rail project extending 37.8km between Beerwah and Maroochydore.  This will increase public transport opportunities and improve connectivity to Moreton Bay, Brisbane and beyond.

The route of the rail extension.
Above: The route of the rail extension

As regular readers of my emails know, I often talk about 3 key drivers of property investment success:

  1. Population Growth
  2. Supply & Demand
  3. Infrastructure

And South East QLD has all three in spades.

It’s already the fastest-growing population in the country, and that doesn’t look like slowing anytime soon. The Sunshine Coast alone is predicted to reach 600,000 residents by 2046.

Couple that with the current undersupply of new dwellings in the region and strong demand will continue to push house prices up.

Government provided artist impression of the new rail stations.
Above: Government provided artist impression of the new rail stations.

This week’s rail extension announcement is on top of the $12.5 billion the QLD government has already committed to new infrastructure projects for the region. Read the article here.

These massive infrastructure projects drive property prices up because they create more jobs for the region and provide better facilities for residents who ultimately want to live there.

If you'd like to talk more about investing in South East QLD, give me a call anytime on 1800 088 437.

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Cash Positive Investments for High Income Earners

Did you know that owning an investment property could save you over $20,000 in tax this year?  And depending on what you earn, your investment could be cash flow positive from day 1!

Let me explain... With only a 10% deposit, below is what it will cost per week to own a brand-new, high-growth investment property on the Sunshine Coast - based on your combined household income:

Cash Positive Investments for High Income Earners

So if your household income is $130,000, owning an investment property will only cost you $65 per week.  And because of the larger tax savings, higher income earners can be cash flow positive from day 1.

Couple that with the consistent capital growth we're seeing here on the Sunshine Coast and you’re well on your way to wealth creation and a happy retirement.


Vantage Way terraces

Why don't we book some time together to discuss how these tax savings could benefit your personal situation.

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P.S. We currently have 2 incredible properties available at Harmony Estate on the Sunshine Coast.

Check them out here:

Harmony Estate

Harmony Estate Property 2




Are your ducks in a row?

You may remember late last year we talked about the importance of getting your financial "ducks in a row". How the worst of the post-pandemic bumps are behind us, and the best is yet to come.

Are your financial ducks in a row?

Many investors like you have used their downtime in January to get their property affairs organised. We have helped with finances and approvals, through to selecting the best locations and property types.

It's not too late.

You know property investment is a process, not an event. That's why it's critical you have good advice and a property plan in place.

Dwyer Property Investments specialise in helping investors get their property ducks in a row.

We are not a buyers agent nor an expensive financial planning firm. All we do is help investors like you get organised for a successful property investment in a quality home.

Get a consultation with an experienced property investment specialist

Unlike many so-called property advisors you might see, Dwyer Property Investment is the investment division of premium local builder, Dwyer Quality Homes. We're a family business with 40 years of experience building the highest standards of homes in South East QLD.

If you feel like you need a little help getting organised, now is the time to book a free consultation.

January property planning sessions are full but we do have availability in the first week of February. Contact me today to book your free consultation and let’s get those ducks lined up for you!

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Sunshine Coast Investor Report

January is a time for new financial goal setting and if you're contemplating property investment this year, then the Sunshine Coast Investor Report is a must-read.

Discover the key drivers behind the Sunshine Coast's success Sunshine Coast Investor Report

If you have any questions at all or would like to know more about options here on the Sunshine Coast, give me a call or let’s book some time together to go through the numbers. These meetings are free and of course there is no obligation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Investment Properties Available Now

There's no doubt, Harmony Estate on the Sunshine Coast is the hottest investment spot in Southeast QLD at the moment.

We currently have 2 property options available at Harmony Estate:



A striking collection of seven new terraces with direct access to parklands at the corner of the street

Vantage Way

Above: Embrace serenity and style at Vantage Way





2 homes and 2 incomes from one property is an investor's dream


These highly sought after Duplex builds are rare in this estate. Less than 5% of lots released are allowed to build Duplex style units making these unique and desirable.

An investor after completion can:





The 10 locations of Dwyer Property Investment projects at Harmony Estate

Above: The 10 locations of Dwyer Property Investment projects at Harmony Estate

If you'd like to know more about these and other investments available in Harmony Estate, call me on 1800 088 437 anytime.


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10 Reasons Dwyer Property Investments is Different

Navigating the property investment landscape can be overwhelming. In an industry saturated with information, finding reliable guidance is challenging.

Anyone who has started looking into property investment is quickly inundated with multiple advisors and conflicting resources. With so many voices and opinions out there, it's difficult to know which advice is trustworthy and relevant to what you need.

That's where we come in - After nearly 40 years helping investors here on the Sunshine Coast, I can list 10 reasons why Dwyer Property Investments is different and why you should talk to us about your investment goals.


1. Builders, Not Brokers

1. Builders, Not Brokers

We are not brokers, nor are there any third-party agents or middlemen. You deal directly with the investment division of Dwyer Quality Homes – one the most reliable and reputable builders on the Sunshine Coast.

That gives you peace of mind, security and, ultimately, savings.

2. History

2. History

Dwyer has been building homes and investment properties on the Coast for more than 39 years.

This award-winning, family-run business prides itself on its reputation for quality, reliability and longevity, which is reflected in our homes and our level of repeat business.

3. South East QLD Specialists

3. South East QLD Specialists

Dwyer Property Investments specialises in residential investment houses in South East Queensland, mainly on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

This means we have an in-depth knowledge of the region, any new land releases and which locations are the best to invest in.

4. Project Management

4. Project Management

Dwyer Property Investments looks after you from start to finish and beyond. We have access to financial advisers, mortgage brokers, solicitors, depreciation analysts, insurance brokers and accountants, who can all be provided if required.

We supervise the build, with regular photos sent to ensure everything is on track and exactly as you want.

5. Three-year Rental Guarantee

5. Three-year Rental Guarantee

In an industry first, Dwyer Property Investments offers a totally free rental guarantee for three years, with no risk of vacancy or arrears and no worries for you.

There’s no need to deal with property managers or tenants, as we take care of everything for you.

6. No Hidden Costs

6. No Hidden Costs

All our packages are fully inclusive with fixed pricing, never any variation and our homes are rent-ready, which means there are no extra or hidden costs.

Landscaping, fencing, window finishing (blinds and curtains), carpeting, appliances, aircon and fans come standard.

Plus all our builds come with a 12 month build and maintenance warranty and a 30-year structural warranty.

7. Hassle and Risk-Free

7. Hassle and Risk-Free

Because our properties are purpose-built for renting, we understand what investors need. Financial reports are prepared at an early stage and due diligence is carried out to ensure you’re aware of every aspect of investing in property.

All the boxes are ticked to make the entire process as smooth and simple as possible.

8. Transparent Results

8. Transparent Results

We show transparent detail on individual projects that show the true capital growth history. We have multiple clients now buying their fourth or third investment property across a seven to ten-year relationship on the back of our advice and market results.

Staff, family and friends now also own more than 30 of our investment properties across the Sunshine Coast, each exactly the same spec and build that we offer all investors.

9. Real Client Testimonials

9. Real Client Testimonials

You can view more real-life client testimonials on our website here

For the past 30 years, hundreds of Australians have invested in our hassle-free properties. We've helped both seasoned investors and first-timers.

A long list of real clients offer their own testimonials to our care, advice and quality work.

10. We Cater To SMSF

10. We Cater To SMSF

Dwyer Property Investments are one of the rare direct build operations that offer a hassle-free single-contract purchase for SMSF buyers - at no margin. This now enables full depreciation and tax benefits for a new property build previously difficult or expensive to achieve.



Not all guidance is created equal.

We understand the complexities and nuances of the South East QLD market. Our regional expertise, combined with our experience and unique approach, positions us as a leading source of reliable local property investment advice.

Why not give me a call today on 1800 088 437 or send me an email here and we can talk further?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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When Paying a Premium Makes Sense

It turns out, in certain scenarios, paying slightly more than the average market price for an investment property could be a wise investment decision.

Let me explain.

The most important goals for property investing should be strong capital growth first and rental returns second.

Investment Equity & Rental Return

In order to maximise this, there are some key areas worth keeping an eye on.



A significant part of a property's value comes from its location.

Premium properties in growth suburbs, especially those offering superior lifestyle and nearby amenities, may warrant a higher price.


A property which is well built will last the test of time and reduce maintenance.

New properties are better than old because they get higher rental returns and no maintenance costs for many years.


Quality homes with unique features (eg 4 bedrooms).

Or in high-demand locations, can justify a higher initial cost because demand for limited-supply housing options will continue to push the price up.


Properties that stand out due to unique characteristics or scarcity in the market can be a good investment.

Particularly those in a location near or opposite parks or green space will always be in high demand.


If a property has some or all of these to offer, it may well help you reach your financial goal faster and therefore may warrant a slight premium.




Once you find a property that fits all or most of these criteria, determining how much extra to pay is crucial. It should reflect the property's unique value and its potential for future appreciation.

But most importantly, it should match your personal investment strategy.


Investing in property requires more than just choosing an asset; You need a plan that starts with your personal goals and then sets out the roadmap to achieve them.

Ongoing, effective property investment involves continuous goal and situational assessment.



Personal Investment Strategy

Your personal investment strategy should include:



Once you have your investment strategy tailored to your personal financial situation, finding the perfect investment property and knowing the price to pay is easy.

This approach is about bringing a structured, goal-oriented perspective to property investment.

It's about creating wealth through careful planning and strategic decision-making.

Contact me today (1800 088 437) and let Dwyer Property Investments help you with your personal Investment Strategy.



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Stock Available At Harmony Estate

With nearly 40 years experience investing in South East QLD, we're convinced that Harmony Estate on the Sunshine Coast is the hottest investment spot we've come across in a long time.

Dwyer Property Investments, along with building partner Dwyer Quality Homes, has built 36 homes across 10 locations at Harmony Estate - and has another 21 in construction.

Above: The 10 locations of Dwyer Property Investment projects at Harmony Estate

Above: Harmony Estate: The lifestyle for you

We currently have 2 properties options available on Harmony Estate:

  1. Terraces on Vantage Way - A striking collection of seven new terraces with direct access to parklands at the corner of the street

Duplex on Large Corner Block - 2 Incomes from one property is an investor's dream



Over 185m2 of living space



These highly sought after Duplex builds are rare in this estate. Less than 5% of lots released are allowed to build Duplex style units making these unique and desirable.

An investor after completion can:

Benefit from this regions capital growth above 8%


If you'd like to know more about this and other investments available in Harmony Estate, call me on 1800 088 437 anytime.


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McGrath Report 2024

If you’re considering making a move in the property market, you've probably read the latest McGrath Report 2024.

If not, I’ll summarise it for you...  In a nutshell, both investors and owner-occupiers have been priced out of metro property markets and are moving their focus to the regions in search of affordability and lifestyle.

John McGrath refers to these areas as “ripple regions” and explains how the Sunshine Coast is a perfect example of demand and growth rippling out from cities to these regions:

John McGrath Quote

Helping Property Investors in the Sunshine Coast for Over 40 Years

Why The Sunshine Coast

  1. Rapid Population Growth:

The Sunshine Coast is undergoing “the largest population growth in Australia”

The Regional Movers Index, by the RAI and the Commonwealth Bank, showed the Sunshine Coast recorded a massive 17% share of net internal migration in the 12 months up to June.

2. Impressive Growth 2023:

The value of houses in Noosa Heads surged by 5.8% within the 12 months to June.  Yet, in other areas around the Sunshine Coast we saw dramatic jumps, like 24.4% in Black Mountain.

3. Predicted Property Prices:  

An analysis by accounting firm, KPMG, forecasts national house prices to rise by 4.9% in the next nine months, and then to surge by 9.4% in the year leading up to June 2025.

Lots factors are at play here, but the core drivers can be boiled down to limited supply and high demand.

4. Mass Infrastructure Investment:  

As you know, we are seeing huge investment in infrastructure here on the Sunshine Coast. This amplifies the appeal and the confidence in the region.

As John McGrath's says: "The sooner you invest in this burgeoning region, the better."

Sunshine Coast 1

If you haven’t read it already, you may also be interested in our free Sunshine Coast Report - it explains the key drivers of growth for the region and contains everything savvy investors should know about investing on the Sunshine Coast, including:

1. Declining supply
2. Excessive rental demand
3. Quality master-planned estates
4. Record levels of infrastructure

5. Interstate and overseas migration
6. Ongoing population growth
7. Employment growth
8. Affordability
9. Count down to the Olympics

Sunshine Coast Report 5-9


Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or if there's any additional information you'd like me to look into. You can reach me by email, or phone 1800 088 437.



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Why The Sunshine Coast? 7 Economy ACCELERATORS.

Building upon the 7 core industries and the game changers fueling the growth of the region, there  are several accelerators that will boost the Sunshine Coast economy even further.

With consideration to what we’ve already shared with you, imagine more fuel added to the fire that  is the Sunshine

Coast’s bright future. What we see in each of these accelerators is incredible opportunity to build upon our strong foundations. Without the strong foundations that exist, each of these opportunities would be wasted, and this further supports the position that the Sunshine Coast is uniquely  positioned to benefit from the perfect combination of circumstances and investment already  unfolding.

The Multiplier Effect


In ten years the Sunshine Coast will shine on screens across the globe, with South East Queensland hosting the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic games.

To prepare the region, infrastructure investment will be focused on transport and venue upgrades, and accommodation and event solutions.

While this development and the game visitation will both be major boosts for the Sunshine Coast, the real impact will take place after the games have closed.

The Olympics provides a platform to expose what’s on offer here to people living in every single  country, which is likely to result in an influx of tourism, relocation and investment.


Australia’s first purpose built, end-to-end food and beverage manufacturing and education precinct will soon be constructed at the Sunshine Coast Airport.

The $112.8 million Turbine Precinct has Federal funding secured and is set to become Australia’s leading industry-based food and beverage research and commercialisation facility, where industry, research, government and education and training providers collectively unlock growth and drive  innovation.

The state-of-the-art precinct will provide end-to-end support for local food and drink businesses in a shared and collaborative environment, enabling lucrative opportunities for businesses at all stages and all sizes to build, scale and export, all under one roof.

Not only will mum and dad businesses be able to compete with international brands, with access to world class services and advanced manufacturing infrastructure to reduce cost and increase speed to domestic and international markets, the project is estimated to deliver $200 million in economic benefits to the region each year. Combined with all else that is occurring on the Sunshine Coast, we believe the impact of this innovative project will be far greater.

Turbine, Food & Beverage Facility


It’s not often a major new airline joins Australian skies, and it’s even more rare that they nominate their home base at an airport outside of a capital city but that’s exactly what is happening on the Sunshine Coast.

Our country’s newest airline and low-cost carrier, Bonza, announced earlier this year Sunshine Coast Airport will be its first base and head office. This major announcement means destinations from Sunshine Coast Airport have almost tripled, with Bonza planning to operate 39 flights per week to 13 routes - 10 of which have never been serviced from here before.

With these new destinations, Sunshine Coast Airport will move up the ladder from 10th to the 2nd most domestically connected airport in Queensland. This will have an immediate impact on tourism and commerce as new markets are opened up and new people can access and discover the Sunshine Coast for the first time.

This discovery won’t just be about our incredible tourism offering, it will be about business and access to the most secure and fastest internet connection to Asia from anywhere in Australia (or  mainland America) and food and agribusiness opportunities through the Turbine project.

Bonza, Bonza Airlines Backyard


Before COVID hit, the Sunshine Coast was the number one regional area for interstate migration across Australia.

A trend that was exacerbated by the pandemic. Leading demographer Bernard Salt recently spoke  about how the pandemic has been a “control, alt and delete” moment in our lives with the real game changer for regional Australia being our newfound ability to work from home. When work no longer required a person to have a physical presence in an office, the regional centres became all the more appealing. It has prompted people to rethink many things in their life such as where they live and work.

While some places across the country received a ‘sugar hit’ to their property market as a result of  COVID (ie. it’s unlikely that the changes will remain long term), this was not the case for the  Sunshine Coast. It simply pulled forward what was already unfolding, sped up the population growth and fast-tracked people’s plans to relocate.

COVID Sped Things Up

In our next blog post we’ll talk about Business Investment in the Sunshine Coast

Download our full guide: Why The Sunshine Coast (2023 Edition)

View our selection of Sunshine Coast investment properties for sale.