Builders Deliver on Two Fronts

Dwyer Quality Homes, with nearly 40 years of building experience, has set the standard for quality builds in SE Queensland. Their longstanding commitment to excellence has solidified the reputation as a trusted name in the industry and they continue to exceed expectations.

Above: Take a moment to check out the new terraces on Balmy Walk at Harmony Estate to see first-hand the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every project

For the last five years, Dwyer Quality Homes have been at the forefront of contemporary terrace design, establishing them as the premier builders of terrace-style houses on the Sunshine Coast.

Above: Recent terrace-style projects from builder partner, Dwyer Quality Homes

With an impressive track record of 45 terraces already built, 19 currently under construction, and 14 more set to begin in the next few months, they continue to satisfy both tenants and investors alike.


Investors in Dwyer Quality Homes have enjoyed remarkable capital growth, experiencing an average increase of 10.2% - even during the construction phase.

This impressive growth translates to an equity gain of $80,000 and starts the day you sign the contract, not just when your property is finished.

Additionally, with the Dwyer Property Investments 3-year rental guarantee, you have total peace of mind knowing your investment is earning money and protected. Your rental income is market based and paid for 3 years, whether there’s a tenant in the property or not.

Above: Hear Jason explains how the rental guarantee works

Our experienced team at Dwyer Quality Homes and Dwyer Property Investments are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality, unparalleled service, and outstanding returns on your investment.

Whether you are a first-time investor or looking to expand your portfolio, Dwyer Property Investments is here to support you every step of the way. With our expertise and proven track record, we’re confident we can help you achieve your investment goals and enjoy the benefits of a high-quality, high-growth property investment.


Or if you'd like to talk to me directly about this new opportunity, give me a call on 1800 088 437 or click HERE and let's get in touch.

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Sunshine Coast Most Popular Destination in Australia - Again!

It’s no surprise to learn the Sunshine Coast has again secured its position as the nation’s top destination for internal migration, with a 16% share of movement over the past year, eclipsing the Gold Coast for the fifth quarter in a row.

Internal migration is the movement of Australians relocating from one region or city to another - and it seems that everyone is moving to the Sunshine Coast. Its popularity is easy to understand - great lifestyle, economic opportunities, and lower cost of living.

Sunshine Coast Most Popular Destination in Australia - Again!

According to the Commonwealth Bank’s Regional Movers Index, the Sunshine Coast's charm has attracted many city dwellers, particularly millennials seeking affordability and a better quality of life.

“Many people are realising the regions can offer the lifestyle they want and the jobs they’re after, minus big city problems
- like long commute times, tolls and traffic,” 

Ms Liz RitchieRegional Australia Institute CEO


Find out from the experts today:


The surge in migration to the Sunshine Coast has an instant and enduring effect, increasing demand for housing and driving up property prices significantly.

The region is experiencing a real estate boom, with an annual population growth rate of 3.7%, compared to Brisbane’s 1.9%. This rapid growth in demand has created fierce competition in the housing market, pushing property values upward.

The Commonwealth Bank report highlights this surge in demand has significantly increased competition in the housing market, leading to higher property prices and lower vacancy rates.


Discover the 7 invisible forces shaping the Sunshine Coast property market

Above: FREE investor report: Discover the 7 invisible forces shaping the Sunshine Coast property market. DOWNLOAD HERE


Given the current trends, the Sunshine Coast presents a promising opportunity for property investment.

The continued influx of new residents and the region's robust economic development, including plans for a new Central Business District in Maroochydore, ensure sustained demand for housing.

This ongoing demand will support further increases in property values, making it a sound investment for the future.

The Sunshine Coast’s combination of a desirable lifestyle, strong economic growth, and rising population makes it an excellent location for property investment. As more people relocate here, the upward trend in house prices is expected to continue.

Book some time HERE with Jason to discuss your property investment options

Above: Book some time HERE with Jason to discuss your property investment options

If you'd like to talk about how your property portfolio could benefit from this regional popularity, give me a call on 1800 088 437 or click HERE and let's get in touch.

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Are you ready to invest in property?

When it comes to investing in property, it's really all about the numbers. If they don't add up, then property investment might not be the best way for you to build wealth.

And it's a good idea to figure this out early.

The first thing you should do, even before looking at properties, is to understand your finances. Make sure you know what investing will cost you and what you could gain from it.

This knowledge will steer your entire investment strategy and we can help guide you through this process.

At Dwyer Property Investments, we tailor an investment strategy to your personal financial situation.  With a plan in place, finding the perfect investment property for you is easy.


This tailored approach is about bringing a structured, goal-oriented perspective to property investment.

It's about creating wealth through careful planning and strategic decision-making.

Contact me today (1800 088 437) and let Dwyer Property Investments guide you through the property investment process.


Investing in property requires more than just choosing an asset; You need a plan that starts with your personal goals and then sets out the roadmap to achieve them.

Whether you want to create another income stream, fund an early retirement or just leave something for the kids, buying property is a great way to help you achieve your financial and life goals. And it’s not hard or complicated; anyone can do it if their finances allow.

As easy as it is, though, investors should always have a well-thought-out plan with clear objectives and sound financials to back it up. With an investment strategy in place, you’re more likely to avoid any pitfalls and go on to successfully build a profitable property portfolio.


If you've got pre-approved finance, that's great but if not, we can help you with that too.

Real estate agents sell property, and banks lend money, but mortgage brokers are the key to savvy investing.

They bridge the gap for investors, ensuring both the loan and the property are right for your investment strategy.

Sourcing finance is part of the planning process, and we can guide you through it with the help of an independent mortgage broker.

There are many advantages to using a good broker, and these are just a few:

If you're ready to talk about creating wealth through careful planning and strategic decision-making, contact me today (1800 088 437)

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No Strata Fees 👌 Property Investment on the Sunshine Coast with Zero Fees.

Did you know there are NO strata fees to pay on the new terraces at Harmony Estate?

Queensland investors often say how strata fees (sometimes referred to a body corporate fees), are a complete rip off and are an ongoing thorn in the side for local buyers.

It's my pleasure to say that ALL Dwyer Property Investments are strata fee FREE - so no nasty monthly bills to pay and you are in charge of your investment from day one.

No body corporate or strata fees at Vantage Way


And if you purchase before the end of the financial year, you will save $30,000 






There is only one terrace left on Vantage Way so if you're interested to know more about saving $30,000 before the end of the financial year, give me a call on 1800 088 437

And if you'd like me to send you the financial property report and cash flow analysis for these terraces, click here.

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Why display homes make great investments + VIRTUAL WALKTHROUGH!

For those who've been investing in property for a while, you know the answer but WHY DO DISPLAY HOMES MAKE GREAT INVESTMENTS?

Display homes (also known as builder's show homes) are the properties builders carefully construct to show off their talent to potential buyers.

And because of this, they're built to the highest specifications. Display homes are the best of the best and are often surrounded by other high-quality established homes.


  1. They return higher than average rental returns which are guaranteed by the builder
  2. They provide excellent depreciation for investors
  3. They're filled with exceptionally high-level interior and exterior quality specifications
  4. They often contain many builder-added features
  5. Display homes always have excellent street appeal

Then after the display home period (2-3 years), they return high rental yields as they are very desirable properties for tenants

harmony display home for sale

Here at Dwyer Property Investments, we have 2 display homes for sale.

27 Dulcet Way, HARMONY ESTATE:


49 Hart Crescent, AURA ESTATE


Both homes come with a guaranteed leaseback until the end of the display period and are both eligible for the 3-yr RENTAL GUARANTEE


Take a virtual tour of the display home at Harmony Estate here

Take a virtual tour of the display home at Harmony Estate here

If you'd like to know more, give me a call on 1800 088 437 anytime. Or email me here and we can arrange a time to catch up.



An investors dream for SE QLD.

An exciting new rail project has just been announced that will cut travel time between Sunshine Coast and Brisbane by more than 45 minutes.

This is an investor's dream, as improved transport options for the Sunshine Coast will continue to drive house prices up.

This week, the QLD government announced a $2.75 billion rail project extending 37.8km between Beerwah and Maroochydore.  This will increase public transport opportunities and improve connectivity to Moreton Bay, Brisbane and beyond.

The route of the rail extension.

Above: The route of the rail extension

As regular readers of my emails know, I often talk about 3 key drivers of property investment success:

  1. Population Growth
  2. Supply & Demand
  3. Infrastructure

And South East QLD has all three in spades.

It’s already the fastest-growing population in the country, and that doesn’t look like slowing anytime soon. The Sunshine Coast alone is predicted to reach 600,000 residents by 2046.

Couple that with the current undersupply of new dwellings in the region and strong demand will continue to push house prices up.

Government provided artist impression of the new rail stations.

Above: Government provided artist impression of the new rail stations.

This week’s rail extension announcement is on top of the $12.5 billion the QLD government has already committed to new infrastructure projects for the region. Read the article here.

These massive infrastructure projects drive property prices up because they create more jobs for the region and provide better facilities for residents who ultimately want to live there.

If you'd like to talk more about investing in South East QLD, give me a call anytime on 1800 088 437.

Or book your free Strategy and Property Planning Consultation today and we can help you with a plan to grow your wealth through property investment.

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Cash Positive Investments for High Income Earners

Did you know that owning an investment property could save you over $20,000 in tax this year?  And depending on what you earn, your investment could be cash flow positive from day 1!

Let me explain... With only a 10% deposit, below is what it will cost per week to own a brand-new, high-growth investment property on the Sunshine Coast - based on your combined household income:

Cash Positive Investments for High Income Earners

So if your household income is $130,000, owning an investment property will only cost you $65 per week.  And because of the larger tax savings, higher income earners can be cash flow positive from day 1.

Couple that with the consistent capital growth we're seeing here on the Sunshine Coast and you’re well on your way to wealth creation and a happy retirement.


Vantage Way terraces

Why don't we book some time together to discuss how these tax savings could benefit your personal situation.

Book a Strategy and Property Planning Consultation today and we can help you start the year with a plan to grow your wealth through property investment.

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P.S. We currently have 2 incredible properties available at Harmony Estate on the Sunshine Coast.

Check them out here:

Harmony Estate

Harmony Estate Property 2




Are your ducks in a row?

You may remember late last year we talked about the importance of getting your financial "ducks in a row". How the worst of the post-pandemic bumps are behind us, and the best is yet to come.

Are your financial ducks in a row?

Many investors like you have used their downtime in January to get their property affairs organised. We have helped with finances and approvals, through to selecting the best locations and property types.

It's not too late.

You know property investment is a process, not an event. That's why it's critical you have good advice and a property plan in place.

Dwyer Property Investments specialise in helping investors get their property ducks in a row.

We are not a buyers agent nor an expensive financial planning firm. All we do is help investors like you get organised for a successful property investment in a quality home.

Get a consultation with an experienced property investment specialist

Unlike many so-called property advisors you might see, Dwyer Property Investment is the investment division of premium local builder, Dwyer Quality Homes. We're a family business with 40 years of experience building the highest standards of homes in South East QLD.

If you feel like you need a little help getting organised, now is the time to book a free consultation.

January property planning sessions are full but we do have availability in the first week of February. Contact me today to book your free consultation and let’s get those ducks lined up for you!

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Sunshine Coast Investor Report

January is a time for new financial goal setting and if you're contemplating property investment this year, then the Sunshine Coast Investor Report is a must-read.

Discover the key drivers behind the Sunshine Coast's success Sunshine Coast Investor Report

If you have any questions at all or would like to know more about options here on the Sunshine Coast, give me a call or let’s book some time together to go through the numbers. These meetings are free and of course there is no obligation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Investment Properties Available Now

There's no doubt, Harmony Estate on the Sunshine Coast is the hottest investment spot in Southeast QLD at the moment.

We currently have 2 property options available at Harmony Estate:



A striking collection of seven new terraces with direct access to parklands at the corner of the street

Vantage Way

Above: Embrace serenity and style at Vantage Way





2 homes and 2 incomes from one property is an investor's dream


These highly sought after Duplex builds are rare in this estate. Less than 5% of lots released are allowed to build Duplex style units making these unique and desirable.

An investor after completion can:





The 10 locations of Dwyer Property Investment projects at Harmony Estate

Above: The 10 locations of Dwyer Property Investment projects at Harmony Estate

If you'd like to know more about these and other investments available in Harmony Estate, call me on 1800 088 437 anytime.


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