It’s Not All Bad! 4 Finance And Property Stories To Give You Hope!

Ah the facts that don’t make headlines…

There are many good news financial stories that are simply not reported on as it’s common knowledge that dramatic shock headlines of doom and gloom gets more readers.

So did you know that National Credit card debt is at a 14 year low and that Australians actually have a comfortable level of Mortgage debt.

Read the article below based on stats from reputable sources.

No. 1: Aussies Are On The Move!

According to a recent survey of almost 1100 property investors, COVID-19 has made Aussies stop and think about their housing preferences. Research statistics revealed by the PIPA Property Investor Sentiment Survey showed that the coronavirus pandemic has meant that 17% of respondents are considering a permanent move to another Australian location.

The most popular reasons given by those who are considering moving were –

All these Australians mentioned above are seriously considering purchasing property in one of Australia’s regional markets.

22% of survey respondents said that regional markets look very attractive and are the most appealing places to purchase property right now. In last year’s survey, that figure was 15%.

Investors on the move post pandemic

No. 2: National Credit Card Debt Drops To 14-Year Low

Surprising statistics just released from the Reserve Bank reveal that, since we entered COVID-19  lockdown, Australians have paid off huge amounts of credit card debt.

The most recent data available is for the months between March and July, which shows that Australian consumers reduced their credit card debt by 16% – dropping from $41.3 million down to $34.7 million. This is the lowest amount of credit card debt since the year 2006.

Not only did consumers pay off old credit card debt between the months of March and July, they also reduced new spending -

These figures show that the response by everyday Australians to this economic crisis has been to reduce non-essential spending.

If you’re one of the many Australians who’s been reducing your credit card debt while on the brink of taking out a home loan, that’s a very smart move! Less credit card debt with a lower credit card limit offers a significant advantage to any potential homeowner when applying for finance.

credit card debt over COVID

No. 3: The Majority of Homeowners Have a Comfortable Level of Mortgage Debt

Data just in from APRA (Australia’s banking regulator) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals that the majority of Australian homeowners are well-placed to pay off their loan.

Figures obtained at the end of June reveal that the overall value of Australia’s housing was $7.14 trillion. At the same time, the overall value of outstanding loans in Australia secured by residential property was $2.01 trillion.

These figures show that Australia’s LVR (collective loan-to-valuation ratio) was 29.4% and that most outstanding home loans in Australia are below 81% LVR – the breakdown is as follows –

A substantial amount of money can be saved if you have a deposit of at least 20% when applying for a home loan. Not only will you be able to access more competitive offers with lower interest rates, you also won’t be required to pay LMI (lenders mortgage insurance).

Lenders are looking for low-LVR customers, and they’re competing hard to get them. If you’re in the process of applying for a home loan contact a mortgage broker and let them do the ground-work for you!

July 2020 home loan commitments

No. 4: It’s Time for Banks to Start Un-Pausing Mortgages

It’s truth time for borrowers who put their mortgages on-hold for 6-months at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. For many borrowers, their mortgage deferrals will soon be running out of time and, when that time comes, borrowers will be expected to continue paying off their mortgage.

Your lender will discuss your options with you if you’re still struggling financially. It may be that you’ll be offered a further extension of 4-months; or alternatively, they may suggest ways in which you can reduce your monthly repayments, like –

The Australian Banking Association has stated that customers who are unable to make their mortgage payments over the longer term will be offered customised support to address their specific needs.

Since Australia entered lockdown 6-months ago, more than 900,000 loans have been deferred, and in the coming weeks we expect to see hundreds of thousands of assessments issued to customers, as follows –




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The Sunshine Coast Is Still on the Move! House Prices Increased by 7.4% in just 12 months

House prices increase by 7.4%

The proposed new CBD in Maroochydore is already driving property growth in a number of Sunshine Coast suburbs. A new report identified 10 major projects deemed to have a significant influence on the regional market, with the Maroochydore City Centre ranking number 5. Maroochydore was just one of 25 suburbs listed as beneficiaries of these projects.

House Prices Increased by 7.4%

The report found that, during the 12-month period from March 2019 to March 2020, average house prices on the Sunshine Coast increased by 7.4%.

About the Maroochydore City Centre Development

The former Horton Park Golf Course will be redeveloped by Sunshine Major Coast Council subsidiary SunCentral into a major retail and residential development, at an estimated cost of $430 million.

The much-anticipated Maroochydore City Centre development includes both commercial and retail, high and medium density residential developments, waterways, bike tracks, parklands, and high-speed Internet. It’s anticipated there will be 2,000 dwellings, with 150,000 m² allowed for commercial space and 65,000 m² for retail floor space.

This new City Centre will offer the fastest data and telecommunications connection between Australia and Asia, as well as providing unique features like the first ever below-ground automated waste collection system in Australia.

Based on world-class innovative design, the plan is for Maroochydore to become a vibrant hub of commerce, innovation, technology, inner-city living, and entertainment. Notable features include –
o Prime commercial office space
o Exclusive retail
o A premium hotel
o Residential apartments
o Community facilities
o Public plazas
o Dining and entertainment
o An exhibition and convention centre
o New parks and waterways.

Four buildings have already been locked into the City Centre, while a further building is going through the approval process.

The Sunshine Coast Council believes that, by the year 2030, the 20-year project will have created more than 30,000 jobs.

Queensland’s Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, said that the new City Centre in Maroochydore will cement the Sunshine Coast’s reputation as one of Queensland’s, if not Australia’s, best performing regional economies.

Further Property Growth Predicated for the Sunshine Coast

Simon Pressley is head of research at Propertyology. He explained that, in order to evaluate the impact major developments have on property markets, they assess the economic benefits in relation to the size of the community. As an example, a $5 billion infrastructure project in a major capital city could well have no influence at all on the performance of that city’s property market, whereas a $50 million project in another part of Australia could create substantial momentum for its property market.

According to the report, the Sunshine Coast grew at a higher rate during the past decade than any other Australian location, leading researchers to predict that the Sunshine Coast is poised for further growth. Mr Pressley said that the Maroochydore City Centre development complements the $300 million expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport, which is due to be completed for international status by late 2020.

Habitat Development Group Lodges Application for ‘Corsos’

A development application for a proposed second site located within the Maroochydore City Centre, to be known as Corsos, has now been lodged by Habitat Development Group.

If Habitat receives approval for the 4119 m² Lot, the building named Corsos would be the fifth building in the precinct. In the meantime, the CBD’s first residential building, to be known as Market Lane Residences, will begin construction later this month, at an estimated cost of $83 million.

Projects Already Approved

Other projects already approved include a 167-room Holiday Inn Express by the Pro-Invest Group, the relocation of the Sunshine Coast Council City Hall, and Evans Long's Foundation Place.