Wayne Dwyer and Jason Dwyer Interviewed

In this video, find out more about the unique relationship within the Dwyer group, between the builder Wayne Dwyer from Dwyer Quality Homes and property investment specialist Jason Dwyer of Dwyer Property Investments.


Interviewer: I'm here with the brothers, Wayne and Jason Dwyer. We're here to find out more about this unique relationship within the Dwyer group, between the builder Wayne Dwyer Quality Homes and to our property investments, the investment specialist run by Jason. Wayne Dwyer is a local Sunshine Coast Builder who's been building homes in South East Queensland for over 35 years. Good evening Wayne.

Wayne: Good evening to you.

Interviewer: Jason Dwyer has been involved in property and some capacity for many years, but it was only in 2011 that after Wayne saw a need in the market for a specialized investment division, that Jason joined the company and created Dwyer Property Investments. Jason, good evening.

Jason: Good evening.

Interviewer: I might just start with a little bit of background to go back to the beginning, Wayne.

Wayne: Yes.

Interviewer: When did you build your first home on the coast?

Wayne: Oh, geez. We're down wide but, probably 1984-85 probably, in Mooloolaba built their first, built the first time there.

Interviewer: And you got a photograph of the first [crosstalk]

Wayne: We've got one in the archives here somewhere.

Interviewer: And thinking back when you built your first home, did you imagine that you'd be running a company 35 years later, building over 50 houses a year?

Wayne: I could never have imagined that. I only imagined having a building company in 35 years time, but never imagined it would have gone to the extent that it has over time.

Interviewer: I would imagine along the way, you've probably seen some changes on the coast.

Wayne: Sunshine Coast has a lot of changes. Yes. I've been here to witness a lot of them because [crosstalk]

Jason: They have been big, the changes are quite dramatic. Almost more in the last 10 years and the previous 20 before that.

Wayne: Yes. There's a new hospital to name one.

Jason: That's the biggest medical precinct in Australia as on the Sunshine Coast and it's linked to the university, as well. So, it's a Sunshine Coast University Hospital, it's a teaching hospital. So, visiting people from around the world, surgeons and medical people are coming here from around the world. It's about lots of research. That's the thing such created thousands of jobs and brought a lot to the region.

Wayne: The new international airport with the second runway.

Jason: Yes. That's happening pretty soon, is that?

Wayne: It's opened.

Jason: Those are?

Wayne: Yes, I think, in the middle of the COVID[?].

Interviewer: Okay. And of course, all of these developments and this support must be attracting a lot of people to buy investment properties up here now, as well.

Jason: Well, yes, a lot of people see the benefits of - it's a high growth area. So, all the indicators are if you go back to the data and the research and that's the thing that I do, then, yes, a lot of indicators that the population is growing. The population demographic is changing but more professionals coming up here. There are certain businesses that have relocated their head office like Youi Car Insurance, that's Youi insurance. They've relocated their head office from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast. Overseas, data cable is coming from Asia straight into the Sunshine Coast going to be high-speed internet in Australia. So, there's lots of things happening. And if you actually, list all the infrastructure projects that are going on, I can see why a lot of people in Queensland a bit to the jealous of this little pocket because it's getting a lot of investment dollars.

Interviewer: Exciting, isn't it?

Jason: It is good, but that's where people want to live, as well. It's got a great lifestyle, the jobs that are here. And so, that's where investors are seeing that really and seeing that capital growth is what they're after and that's what they're getting.

Interviewer: And Wayne, having this specialist arm, this must give advantages, so that your building properties which are fit for purpose for investors.

Wayne: Absolutely. I mean, Jason really knows what the investor needs and he also knows what the tenant needs. So, combining those two things together, certainly, the specialized investment division is something that we needed...

Interviewer: Yes.

Wayne: … to be able to tie those two things together and so, it's been good.

Interviewer: I'm interested why - because I suppose you could have used your existing sales team, but you chose to ask Jason to run this division. So, there must be some quite differences and benefits perhaps of being intertwined.

Wayne: Well, certainly. Certainly, differences. The fact that our sales team, they're very good sales team, but they sell houses. They don't necessarily think of nor consider all of the factors that are involved into Dwyer investment property. It's totally different on that factors probably.

Interviewer: And Jason, you must see the benefits of being linked to your brother's building business.

Jason: Yes, very much of. Because you're part of the business, you're inside the business. So, working together so closely with the builder is a huge advantage over any other sort of investment company that sort of supposed prodding from the outside to try and get the builder to fit what they want. So, working so closely the builder, you get to build good quality houses. So, you're - and the process is good for your client, as well. They have a good experience. And they're ready to build stuff that we go ahead and build and sell, as well. However, it's built for the purpose. It's built for investors and it's built for tenants. So, tenants remain happy, they stay in there longer and produce a better rental yield. So, they're the sort of things that you need to think about when building a property to make sure that it satisfies all those criteria.

Interviewer: So, it's probably fair to say that you're talking the language of the investor. And earlier, we mentioned, you mentioned to me this process. You've got a three-step process for investors.

Jason: Yes. Well, a lot of investors don't really, don't consider this process. They often just think about buying investment, we want to get an investment property. So, they just go and start looking at houses. Honestly, it's the wrong approach. It's sort of starting from the wrong end of this thing. They've got to think about what their borrowing capacities is and talk to a mortgage broker is the first step. The second step is they need to then understand the full financial, if financials behind on the investment property. Things like tax depreciation, maximizing those and what their loan costs are going to be. There's a lot involved with it that are going to be, that if you just started the property end of it, you can sometimes get it wrong and people make mistakes. So, starting with your borrowing capacity, step one. The second step is understanding the financials, your cash flow, all of those things. And the third is the actual choosing a property that's going to suit those investment goals because not one property fits all. Yes, it's three basic steps.

Interviewer: Yes.

Jason: If you follow those and get good professional advice from a broker and myself, and then you get a good quality build from the builder that's fit for purpose as you said, then you really can't go wrong.

Wayne: And we do it all within the one organization. So, we cut out the middleman.

Interviewer: Yes. Yes, that's must be a major advantage in property. I would imagine that maybe, even savings and the time [crosstalk]

Wayne: I wouldn't spend money to them. And that can be offered because we simply don't have that middleman that most other organizations have to feed.

Interviewer: Yes.

Jason: Dealing directly with the builder is savings and security, that gives us security, peace of mind. For the investor, they know exactly who's going to be building their property, than going through a third party sort of marketing company. And the savings because yes, you are already buying it directly from the builder. So, there's not that third party that has to be paid commission based.

Interviewer: Yes. And Wayne, obviously, you can build properties anywhere on the Southeast Coast of Queensland, but why most of your properties on the Sunshine Coast?

Wayne: Well, you're going to go to revert back to sort of what we're talking about before. When the investment here that the state government's putting in, that the council here are investing here, you have the high-speed internet, all of those things that we spoke about. So, if I were to invest money, it would be at the Sunshine Coast. Now, I can invest money anywhere. I can go to Brisbane or go to the Gold Coast but no, I would choose the Sunshine Coast over anything at the moment.

Interviewer: And you have.

Wayne: And I have, yes. And through property investment, I've been relatively successful, as well.

Interviewer: Well, that's very powerful endorsement of the coast. I'm also interested, why are you guys offer a three-year rental guarantee?

Jason: Well, the main reason is, it offers peace of mind and security to the investor. A lot of people are concerned, their biggest concern often is what if I buy a property and it is still vacant? I've still got to pay the bank and I'm not getting the rental income. And it's a fair question. It's a genuine fear that is real. So, by offering the three-year rental guarantee, it gives people a total peace of mind of the first three years. They don't have to deal with property management, they don't have to deal with any risk of vacancy. So, they can sleep at night knowing that they're getting the rent paid every month.

Wayne: Of course, we can sleep at night offering the three-year rental guarantee, as well, because we know it's on the Sunshine Coast. Therefore, it's a growing area and we simply do not have the rental vacancies.

Jason: It's the lowest rental vacancy rate in Australia. So, we're very confident of offering a three-year rental guarantee because we know that they are not considered vacant.

Wayne: And in the confidence is there for the investor because after the three years, they're not going to have the rental vacancies that they're going to have in some of the other places.

Interviewer: And I'm interested, do many people take up the three-year rental guarantee?

Jason: Yes. Everybody.

Wayne: Everyone.

Jason: Yes. There's not one that hasn't really and then after three years, they generally stay with us, understand the property management, anyway. So, now, the three years is a good period of time. It gets everyone peace of mind, understanding security.

Wayne: It gets everybody started. Doesn't it?

Jason: Yes.

Interviewer: Okay.

Wayne: After a couple years, they can get a second investment property and put it on the three year as the first one comes off the three-year guaranteed rental. They've got two properties anywhere they go.

Interviewer: I think that leads us into another interesting area Wayne, because we've just gone through this unprecedented time of COVID and clearly, there's a lot of uncertainty in the investment markets and a lot of people have seen a fall in the value of their superannuation. I would imagine that there's an opportunity for people investing in bricks and mortar, is now a good time to be getting into property again?

Jason: It certainly renewed interest, as a lot more people calling up about this. If they're concerned is getting a statement and has dropped by 10%, 15%, 20% and that's their life savings. If they haven't diversified that portfolio and actually got a property then they're concerned and so, they should be.

Wayne: When the reality is their investment shares will be on expectancy to what they were before and then they'll continue to march on. I mean, that's the reality, but every year, year after year, property will outperform, outperforming the share market.

Interviewer: Yes. And it feels that if that's the case, that's going to outperform the share market and we're talking about a clear hotspots, the Sunshine Coast.

Wayne: Yes.

Interviewer: So, this probably has never been a better time to invest.

Wayne: No. It's a great time to invest and also, when people are thinking of diversifying their portfolio, whatever they're at. The superannuation, most people super is tied up in shares.

Interviewer: Thank you, Jason and Wayne. That was really interesting. I feel that we've got a really good insight into the reasons why having the investment arm tied so closely to the building arm is so important and offers a unique difference. You've clearly articulated why the Sunshine Coast is such a hotspot. So, it's been very illuminating conversation. Thank you both very much for your time.

Wayne: Thank you.

Jason: Thank you.

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What Does Covid-19 Mean For Property Prices?

In our latest video, Jason talks about what the current Coronavirus crisis means for property prices.



What does COVID-19 mean for property investors? Hi, I'm Jason Dwyer, Managing Director of Dwyer Property Investments. I grew up on the Sunshine Coast and have been involved in the local property market most of my life. Together with my brother's company, Dwyer Quality Homes, our family has been helping Queenslanders build beautiful homes and invest in property for over 35 years.

What a lot of people, especially property investors, are asking at the moment is what does COVID-19 mean for me and the property market. Well, I'm happy to tell you that you don't have to change your financial goals. Actually, there are good reasons why now is the perfect time to put your investment plans in place. While some headlines would have us believe that the property market is in meltdown, the truth is the pandemic has had a minimal impact on prices so far, certainly not the drastic 30% drop that has been suggested by some headlines and media outlets. What we're now seeing in Australia is closer to a 5% fall in property prices, and that is only in some very specific areas. In fact, the Sunshine Coast is currently experiencing over 7% growth. Rental returns are still strong at 5% and demand is high. It also makes sense to borrow money as interest rates are the lowest they've ever been.

Making property predictions is hard, especially in these uncertain times. But what we do know is that property markets have proved remarkably resilient so far. They haven't fallen off a cliff and there are no indications from any sector that they will. Factor in too that our little pocket of paradise in the Sunshine Coast is more popular than ever, with more and more people moving here, driving property demand even higher. Remember that a property is a long-term investment, 10 years plus, so investors shouldn't base their investment decisions on today's headlines, plus the current economic climate will be history in 12 to 18 months. Quality property in popular areas is still and always will be a sound investment. For motivated investors, there are solid buying opportunities in the market at a time when there's less competition, interest rates are at an all time low, property prices are relatively stable, and migration to Queensland and the Sunshine Coast is on the rise.

So if you've been thinking about investing in property but haven't done anything yet, find out more about why the right conditions exist now. Visit the Dwyer Property Investments YouTube channel, call me, Jason Dwyer, for an obligation-free chat today. Thank you.



The Sunshine Coast Is Still on the Move! House Prices Increased by 7.4% in just 12 months

House prices increase by 7.4%

The proposed new CBD in Maroochydore is already driving property growth in a number of Sunshine Coast suburbs. A new report identified 10 major projects deemed to have a significant influence on the regional market, with the Maroochydore City Centre ranking number 5. Maroochydore was just one of 25 suburbs listed as beneficiaries of these projects.

House Prices Increased by 7.4%

The report found that, during the 12-month period from March 2019 to March 2020, average house prices on the Sunshine Coast increased by 7.4%.

About the Maroochydore City Centre Development

The former Horton Park Golf Course will be redeveloped by Sunshine Major Coast Council subsidiary SunCentral into a major retail and residential development, at an estimated cost of $430 million.

The much-anticipated Maroochydore City Centre development includes both commercial and retail, high and medium density residential developments, waterways, bike tracks, parklands, and high-speed Internet. It’s anticipated there will be 2,000 dwellings, with 150,000 m² allowed for commercial space and 65,000 m² for retail floor space.

This new City Centre will offer the fastest data and telecommunications connection between Australia and Asia, as well as providing unique features like the first ever below-ground automated waste collection system in Australia.

Based on world-class innovative design, the plan is for Maroochydore to become a vibrant hub of commerce, innovation, technology, inner-city living, and entertainment. Notable features include –
o Prime commercial office space
o Exclusive retail
o A premium hotel
o Residential apartments
o Community facilities
o Public plazas
o Dining and entertainment
o An exhibition and convention centre
o New parks and waterways.

Four buildings have already been locked into the City Centre, while a further building is going through the approval process.

The Sunshine Coast Council believes that, by the year 2030, the 20-year project will have created more than 30,000 jobs.

Queensland’s Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, said that the new City Centre in Maroochydore will cement the Sunshine Coast’s reputation as one of Queensland’s, if not Australia’s, best performing regional economies.

Further Property Growth Predicated for the Sunshine Coast

Simon Pressley is head of research at Propertyology. He explained that, in order to evaluate the impact major developments have on property markets, they assess the economic benefits in relation to the size of the community. As an example, a $5 billion infrastructure project in a major capital city could well have no influence at all on the performance of that city’s property market, whereas a $50 million project in another part of Australia could create substantial momentum for its property market.

According to the report, the Sunshine Coast grew at a higher rate during the past decade than any other Australian location, leading researchers to predict that the Sunshine Coast is poised for further growth. Mr Pressley said that the Maroochydore City Centre development complements the $300 million expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport, which is due to be completed for international status by late 2020.

Habitat Development Group Lodges Application for ‘Corsos’

A development application for a proposed second site located within the Maroochydore City Centre, to be known as Corsos, has now been lodged by Habitat Development Group.

If Habitat receives approval for the 4119 m² Lot, the building named Corsos would be the fifth building in the precinct. In the meantime, the CBD’s first residential building, to be known as Market Lane Residences, will begin construction later this month, at an estimated cost of $83 million.

Projects Already Approved

Other projects already approved include a 167-room Holiday Inn Express by the Pro-Invest Group, the relocation of the Sunshine Coast Council City Hall, and Evans Long's Foundation Place.


Sunshine Coast Thriving with Expansions to Baringa and Aura Central

Aura (formerly Caloundra South) is a massive expansion development at the southern end of the Sunshine Coast that’s now well underway. Designed to become a City of the Future, Aura is being developed by Stockland, Australia’s largest land developer.

Baringa: Aura’s Foundation Suburb

The suburb of Baringa, located in the heart of Aura, was launched in 2016 and it's $33 million Town Centre was officially opened in August 2019. Stockland is already working on the next stage of its Aura master-planned community with the development of a $5 million extension to the Baringa Town Centre.

Aura's Foundation Suburb Expansion

Known as the Health Hub, this extension includes several retail offerings as well as a state-of-the-art Medical Centre, a family-owned Swim School, and a Dental Clinic. A new primary school will be open to students in 2023, while the new Baringa State Secondary College will open to students in 2021.

On completion, Baringa will comprise more than 1500 home sites, a childcare centre, and two schools. Stockland Baringa services not only Baringa residents but also the surrounding Bells Reach and Bellvista communities.

Baringa is Aura's Foundation Suburb expansions

New $5 Billion Development Now Open To The Public

Josh Sondergeld, Project Director for Stockland, proudly stated that Baringa is already a thriving community consisting of retail, commercial, residential, education, and now the new Health Hub. The new swim school and medical centre will be adjacent to the Baringa town centre on the corner of Baringa Drive and Aura Boulevard; they can be accessed via the extensive networks of cycle and walking paths and the Aura Veloway, which is a dedicated two-way cycleway.

With more than 5000 people already calling Aura home, health services are more important than ever before, and Stockland is pleased to offer the Aura community easy access to critical resources.

The Baringa Shopping Centre is anchored by the 2000 m² Super IGA, as well as 13 specialty retailers.

The Medical Centre and Swim School are expected to open in 2021. Construction of the Baringa Tavern is underway and the owners expect to be operating by the end of the year, while the first Early Learning Centre in Baringa is now open. It’s expected that the Shopping Centre will open mid-year.

The Green Building Council of Australia has awarded Baringa the much sought-after Six Star Green Star Community rating.

Aura’s $215 million Business Park

The first business at the Aura Business Park is now open, and the first two stages are completely sold out.

Stockland’s Aura Residential Estate

It’s anticipated that, over the next 30 years, more than 20,000 new homes will be developed on the 24 square-kilometre site. The future city will feature a vibrant retail hub and town centre, 20 learning hubs within a 20 km radius, two business and enterprise parks, an elite sporting and performance precinct, and extensive South Bank-style urban parklands. There will be more than 200 km of cycle and walking paths, which means that residents will be within a 15-minute ride to any area of the community.

Josh Sondergeld said that Aura Central will become the beating heart of Aura; a thriving 24/7 retail, commercial, residential, educational, health, and entertainment hub. The main feature will be the 90-hectare City Centre, as well as the People’s Place complete with South Bank-style parkland, and a wide range of educational and sporting facilities.

The first stage of Aura Central is the residential precinct, which has already shown to be extremely popular with discerning buyers who recognise the many benefits of living so close to a future city centre. Affordability, accessibility, and liveability of Aura are the main attractions for buyers, and as soon as sales were launched the lots started selling like hotcakes.

A new 120-metre bridge, which provides amazing views of the Glass House Mountains, provides the link between Aura Boulevard and Aura Central, crossing over Bells Creek North.

Stockland’s $5 billion Aura Development on the Sunshine Coast is Now Open

The first streets and roads, which includes a 120-metre bridge, have now been completed.

To date, approximately 10 km of walking and cycling paths have been constructed in Aura Central, more than 180,000 plants are now growing, and 8 km of roads and 21 km of water and sewer mains have been laid.

Simultaneously, work has already begun on two new parks. Also planned are four netball courts, a 7.5 ha sports park (incorporating four rectangular sports fields), and a clubhouse.

Proposed Aura Sports Complex Expansions

Aura Is Selling Fast!

In 2018 in Australia, Aura had the fastest-selling residential land sales, and this region is already emerging as the key employment generator on the Sunshine Coast.

Other key highlights of Aura Central include –

Thanks, until next time,



Video transcript:

"Hello. Jason Dwyer here from Dwyer Property Investments. We've been helping Queenslanders invest in property for over 35 years, and today I'm here to tell you about Aura. Aura is Australia's biggest residential development and is located right in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. Aura was formally known as Caloundra South, and there's a massive 20,000 home development at the southern end of the Sunshine Coast that's now well underway. Designed to become a city of the future, Aura has been developed by Stockland, Australia's largest land developer.

The new $5 billion development is well underway with the opening of the suburb of Baringa, and will comprise more than 1500 home sites, and is located right in the heart of Aura itself. The new swim school and medical centre are expected to open in 2021, will be adjacent to the Baringa town centre. The Baringa shopping centre is anchored by the 2000 metres squared super IGA, as well as 13 specialty retailers now open. Construction that brings a tavern is underway and operating by the end of 2020, bringing much-needed nightlife to the town.

The Green Building Council of Australia has awarded Baringa the much sought after 6 Star Green Star community rating, which is excellent. Business has also started the Aura $220 million business park, and the first two stages are completely sold out. In 2018, Aura had the fastest-selling residential land sales, and this region is already emerging as the key employment generator on the Sunshine Coast.

The master plan is that over the next 30 years, more than 20,000 new homes will be developed on the 24 square kilometre site. The future city will feature a vibrant retail hub and town centre, 20 learning hubs within a 20-kilometre radius, two business and enterprise parks, an elite sporting and performance precinct, and extensive South Bank style urban parklands. There'll be more than 200 kilometres of cycle and walking paths, which means that residents will be within a 15-minute ride to any area of the community.

Aura is without a doubt the biggest residential development in Australia, and it's right here on the Sunshine Coast. That demonstrates Stockland, the biggest, most successful residential developer, has huge faith in the growth and longterm sustainability the Sunshine Coast has to offer. We love it.

Dwyer Property Investments have rent-ready investment properties available now with a three-year rental guarantee, so go to our YouTube channel, visit the website, or contact me directly to find out more or to get a free financial consultation. Thank you."

ref: TEGAN ANNETT @ Sunshine Coast Daily for growth statistics.


Using Equity To Invest In Property

If you are in a property and want to make some real money then this video could change your financial future, and it will shatter a misconception that many hold out there about property and investing. There is a saying which is "do not wait to invest, invest then wait". This is very important. I explain why in this video.


Jason Dwyer: If you are in a property and want to make some real money then listen up because the next two minutes could change your financial future and it will shatter a misconception that many hold out there about property and investing. There is a saying which is “do not wait to invest, invest then wait”. That is very important. Let me explain why.

My name is Jason Dwyer and I set up to wire property investment some time ago. And I hear every day, day in, day out, this misconception old-school myth, that people feel they have to pay off their home loan before they can invest in property, and it is simply not true. My parents worked hard all their life to pay off the home loan so they could then invest in a property. But by the time they paid off their home loan, it is simply too late for them to get a loan, and too late to get any real capital growth from an investment property.

So do not fall into the trap that many thousands of people do, and think that you have to pay off your home loan first. There are smarter ways to use your money. Equity. Equity is the difference between what your home is worth and what you owe on the property. That money is yours. It is your money. It is just invested in your house and you could be using that money to invest in a property. You do not have to wait for your house to be fully paid off. So, if you have over twenty percent of equity in your property, you can be using that now.

Over the long term, your home has created real wealth for you. And in a lot of cases, that is the only real wealth people have. So, imagine if you had more than one property going up in value, good two or three properties going up in value. Now, the only way you can do that is to use some of that equity you have in your current home loan. You have to do that before you pay it off. So, if you have got more than twenty percent equity in your home, you can start using that now. You get a fully tax-deductible investment loan against your home and use that to invest in the property.

Now, you are not putting your home address because the risk is with the investment property itself. If you retire and you only have your [inaudible] and your one home to live in, then that is simply not enough to retire on, or you have to sell your house and live off of proceeds. But then where are you going to live? It is a dilemma that faces millions of our aging population.

Do not fall into the old school chap to wait until your home loan is fully paid off. Remember the saying, do not wait to invest, invest and wait. To find out more, click below to get a free financial consultation or simply download the starter pack to get you on the road to property investing. Thank you.

Featuring Harmony Estate in the Sunshine Coast

Located within minutes of Maroochydore and Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is Harmony Estate. A superb new address situated between the lush hinterland and white sandy beaches, just one glimpse of Harmony will leave you impressed.

Experience the homely feel of a village community, yet have everything the Sunshine Coast has to offer only a stone’s throw away. Travel into the hinterland to experience the beauty and serenity, or head to the beach or the chic metropolis of Mooloolaba to enjoy great food, shopping or to relax with a coffee at the many cafes

Harmony is not just a name, but an ideal way of life.

DPI - Harmony-centre

View house and land packages for Harmony Estate, Sunshine Coast >

What Harmony Has To Offer

Being family-centric with a real community atmosphere, Harmony is focused on outdoor living and breathing in the fresh air. Weather doesn’t get much better than what the Sunshine Coast experiences, so the estate has been designed to take full advantage of that. Parklands snake their way through the entire estate, so no matter where you live in Harmony, there will be stunning, lush parklands right at your doorstep.

Harmony also boasts its very own cafe by the same name, so there’s no need to travel any distance to kick back and enjoy your favourite beverage. There is also a breakfast and lunch menu and Harmony Cafe is the perfect place to meet up with friends or enjoy a snack and a drink with your family.

While there are no schools located in Harmony Estate itself, major schools and early learning centres are all conveniently located nearby. Examples are Siena Catholic School and Chancellor Park High School.

If you have little ones, take them to the new toddler park at Grand Linear Park. Relax in either the sun or the shade while the kids amuse themselves for hours in safe surrounds.

Harmony has been designed to impart a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, a place to get away from it all while still be conveniently located to everything you could ever need.


Property for Sale At Harmony

Whether you’re currently looking to buy land only and build later, or you’re after a house and land package at competitive prices, you will find what you’re looking for at Harmony. Now is your chance to make that dream home a stunning reality, and right in the heart of the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

New allotments are opening regularly, but they are limited, so now is the time to get on over to Harmony and see it for yourself.

View house and land packages for Harmony Estate, Sunshine Coast >

Check Out the Display Village

Take a tour of 35 exquisite display homes in the Harmony Display World. See first-hand exactly what’s on offer in the estate so you can pick out the right home for you and your family. No matter what you’re looking for or what your budget is, there will be a home to suit you.

Harmony really does boast a plethora of designs, all architecturally created with modern lines and conveniences. Whatever home you choose, it’ll definitely be pleasing to the eye in every way.


View house and land packages for Harmony Estate, Sunshine Coast >

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Steps To Becoming A Property Investor

Most people have no real idea of what they are doing when it comes to investing in property and so make some basic mistakes from the start. In this video I tell you about the three basic steps to becoming a property investor.


Hello, Jason Dwyer here, managing director of Dwyer Property Investments. You've been thinking about investing in property. The next three minutes will be very important for you. This video is all about the three basic steps to becoming a property investor. They are not hard or complicated. I'm surprised at how many people get it wrong by not following these basic steps. So often would-be investors think “Let's buy an investment property”. The first thing they do, which is exciting, is go to realestate.com and type in property option, but they have no real idea about what they're looking for, but it's fun and exciting and the totally the wrong thing to do as a first step at least.

Step 1 – Contact A Mortgage Broker

The very first step we always recommend is to contact a mortgage broker. The local bank may seem convenient and you've been with them for years, but they generally only have one or two investment loan types which may or may not be right for you. Different lenders have a very different lending criteria with some taking over time into account, other time self-employed sole trader medical worker teacher. Do you have a cash deposit or are you a homeowner using equity?

All these things impact which lender is going to be best suited to you and your specific needs and only a broker will be be able to determine the right loan type and lender best suited. And the added bonus is the Brokers do all the legwork for you and the lender [inaudible]. Trust me, it's very rare that a broker is not able to find you a better loan more suited to your exact circumstances and probably a better interest rate to boot. So contact a mortgage broker or we can refer you to an independent accredited one.

Step 2 – Understand the Financials

Second step, you need to understand the financials. This is achieved by doing a full financial report. It includes putting in all the figures like property costs, low in cost income, loan type, rates Insurance, etc. And it will demonstrate to the tax benefits like depreciation, your rental yield, cash flow, and in very simple terms will show you what your net income will be and the potential capital growth. This report is a vital often overlooked step which will help you determine your investment strategy or plan moving forward.

Step 3 – Choose the right property

Step three, is choosing the right property to achieve your financial goals, which may be and you ready built home, one of our Terraces or house and land package. With your investment strategy in place, the probably choices then made simple. So let's take those steps and empower yourself with the knowledge of: one; you're able to invest in properly, two; you understand the financial benefits of property investing, three; you are then in a good position to decide when and what to invest in. We will be with you every step of the way from the first contact through the purchase or build process. And even beyond that, if you take our three-year rental guarantee option, but more about that later.

I hope you now understand the three basic steps required to becoming a property investor, and remember, that we've helped many investors through this process who are now building a successful property portfolio. So contact us when you're ready to start your journey, or even if you just want more information. Thank you.

The Dwyer Investment Properties 3 Year Rental Guarantee Explained

In this video Jason Dwyer explains the Dwyer Property Investments unique 3-year rental guarantee:


Hi, my name is Jason Dwyer from Dwyer Property Investments. And I want to tell you about our three-year rental guarantee for a couple of reasons. One, it’s the most commonly asked question by everybody. They want to know how that works. And secondly, it is fairly unique in the marketplace. So requires a little bit of explanation and I think it is really good.

So, firstly to tell you it is totally optional. It is a contract that is signed at the beginning of the process and you decide whether you want to take it or not. How do I fix the rate? I fix the rate by doing market research on realestate.com, I do a rental appraisal myself as a licensed real estate agent then decide what that property is going to get on the open market, deduct about thirty or forty dollars a week which covers our internal administration cost. And I fix that price and that is what the investor gets every week for three years.

The biggest benefit to the investor is that it is fixed and there are no gaps and no vacancies or no letting fees. So, you know exactly what you are going to get every week for that three-year period. You can base your financial projections on a fixed amount not a fictitious allowance.

So who looks after the property? We have an in-house licensed property manager who deals with all aspects of property management. They do exactly what any property manager does. They do the interviews. They do their checks. They take the bond. They lodge that with the bond board. They do regular inspections and appraisals and collect them in advance. So that is all exactly as any property manager does and that is all done in-house by a licensed property manager.

Can the clients opt-out? Yes, as an investor, it is entirely your option whether you want to stay with the rental guarantee or not. We cannot opt out, we are locked in to pay you that for amount for the three-year period, but if your circumstances change and you want to sell the property or you want to move into the property yourself some reason, then you can set the opt out of that agreement. You just have to give us notice of intention to do so.

After the three-year period, what happens after that? After three-year period you have the option that we can just assign the management rights to any other company you choose or you can carry on with us under our property management scheme, which is standard for any property management, whereby the amount that the tenant is paying week goes into our trust account. We take a management fee and the rest gets passed on through to you direct from our trust account as per any other property management company in Queensland.

So people ask why do we actually do it? The main reason we do it is gives us the point of difference in the market. So, if someone was choosing to invest with us or someone else and our property has a rental guarantee at a fixed rate, then they might choose us. So there is no risk to that client, that investor of any vacancy, they generally choose us because of that point of difference, which is the main reason.  The second reason is that it keeps us in contact with tenants who are often going to be homeowners themselves, and as builders, that is a good thing. It also keeps us top of mind for the actual investor who is, every month, getting their rental income from us. So, it gives us our first port of call when they are looking at their second or third or fourth investment. They would generally come to us for that. So, in summary, it is totally optional, gives you total peace of mind, hassle and risk-free property management.

Thank you very much. If you have some more questions, so feel free to call me or go to the website for more explanation.

Key takeaways:

Key Takeaways

What Rental Property Expenses Do Investors Need To Know About?

Rental Property Expenses-banner

Renting out investment properties can be a lucrative source of income, but there are expenses involved other than just the purchase price, and we’ll take a look at some of those associated costs in this post.

Investors put their money into the property market with the hope of renting those properties out and earning regular passive income. It’s actually one of the more common wealth building tactics among Australians. And even if someone isn’t necessarily looking to get wealthy, rental properties can produce fantastic income streams.

On the surface it all sounds very easy:

It can certainly work out that way, but let’s look at what kind of expenses you might need to consider in the equation.


It’s obvious that you’ll need to insure your rental property, just like you would the home you own and live in. Landlord’s insurance is a good choice as it covers you against tenant damage and failure to pay rent, among other things.


It doesn’t matter where you own a property in Australia, there will be council rates to pay. The amount will vary from place to place and property to property, but rates are just another expense to consider when working out how much rent you’ll charge.

Body Corporate Fees

Apartments and homes in certain property developments will have body corporate fees to cover every week or month. This fee helps with the upkeep of the common areas, such as gardens, lawns and swimming pools.

Advertising Costs

Most property investors will have an agent take care of their listing, but even if you did rent your home out yourself, there are still advertising costs involved in trying to find a tenant. There are both free and paid resources online, but you still might go the traditional route and place an ad in the classifieds section of your local newspaper.


Property Management Fees

When a property manager takes care of your rental property for you, they take a percentage of the rent money for their troubles. The amount will vary from agent to agent, but it can be as high as 10%. If your asking price is $500 a week, the property management team might collect as much as $50 from that amount.

Maintenance and Repairs

Good tenants will really take care of your property, but even still, things do break down, wear out and need ongoing maintenance. Unless a tenant causes willful damage, most repairs and maintenance are covered in their rent. It’s up to the landlord to pay for repairs, replacements and maintenance.

Pest Control

Generally, it’s at the expense of the property owner to conduct regular pest control of your investment properties.

The Wrap

There are other potential costs involved in owning rental properties as well, such as factoring in taxes on profits, mortgage and interest payments, possibly water bills and more, but the main ones have been covered here.

To have your property positive geared so you make money on your rental income after expenses, you need to charge enough weekly rent to more than cover all the operating costs.

What Rental Property Expenses Do Investors Need To Know About

Is the Sunshine Coast a Good Place To Invest?

Is the Sunshine Coast a Good Place To Invest

The Sunshine Coast is one of the premier places to live in all of Queensland. No wonder it’s the number growth area in the state. With some of the world’s best beaches, a relaxed and modern lifestyle and the gateway to the best nature has to offer, people from all over Australia and the world want a slice of this paradise.

In this post we’ll take a look at some of the best suburbs to live on the Sunshine Coast, along with the hot spots for savvy property investors.

What Are the Best Suburbs On the Sunshine Coast?

With well over 100 suburbs making up the region of the Sunshine Coast it can be a tough ask to determine which are the best to live in. Rather than going through all of them, we’ll take a look at 10 of the highest rated so you have a good idea of the Sunshine Coast premier locations.

Buddina - Situated just south of popular Mooloolaba, Buddina is a picturesque suburb located right on the coast, with the beach on one side and the canal system on the other. Touted as being a quiet location to live, yet still conveniently located to everything you need, Buddina is one of the most highly rated Sunshine Coast suburbs among residents and visitors. Read more: https://goo.gl/maps/49Mj1G8V2dYsmEso9

Castaways Beach - This is another coastal suburb located in the Noosa region up north. The real beauty of this suburb is its serenity and being able to get at one with nature. The community is bordered by a white sand beach and national parklands. Along with its beauty, the area is well-known for its friendly people. Read more https://goo.gl/maps/7aRCFdVrj5Cb3S7Y7

Coolum Beach - A relaxed and less densely populated coastal suburb, Coolum Beach has been a favourite with locals and tourists for decades. While still conveniently located to some of the regions metropolis areas, people can really escape the city life and just chill out. Once more, it’s known as a very friendly place to be. Read more: https://goo.gl/maps/LUBNDCD8cZaWXM668

Peregian Beach - Who wouldn’t want to live near the beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches, and Peregian Beach is another select spot that is a favourite for anyone wishing to settle in the area. Situated between Noosa in the north and Maroochydore to the south, it’s a suburb that offers beauty and serenity without being far away from everything you could ever need. Read more; https://goo.gl/maps/DG3sA51nNBYvgC246

Aura - This is a new, up and coming suburb on the Sunshine Coast that has a real close community and family atmosphere. Complete with local schools, shopping centres, parks, cycling tracks and sports fields, Aura is well poised to become one of the premier suburbs to live. A recent poll of residents revealed a 97% approval rating for the region.

DPI - Aura-serial (1)

Eumundi - This picturesque suburb is located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and is renowned for its village-like atmosphere and unique shopping and dining experiences. Residents and visitors can admire the scenery while exploring the area, or spend some time at the famous Eumundi Markets. Read more: https://goo.gl/maps/1cNK3s2gsumS5iqe6

Alexandra Headland - Noted as one of the region’s most famous suburbs, Alexandra Headland is very conveniently located between Maroochydore and Mooloolaba. Fantastic beaches and incredible views make this one of the most sought-after places to live in the area. Read more: https://goo.gl/maps/dRtjFjJbhoJXw8gj9

Caloundra - With its award-winning beaches, Caloundra has long been heralded as one of the main tourist spots on the Sunshine Coast. It’s also the region’s southern-most suburb and one of its oldest. A community atmosphere and the vibe of a small coastal town has always meant this is a favourite area for people to settle. Read more: https://goo.gl/maps/ijh3B2ZbrLR7kfeMA

Bli Bli - Located west of the Maroochy River, Bli Bli is a rural suburb, yet still situated very close to the major business district of the Sunshine Coast. For people who don’t have to live near the beach, Bli Bli is a fantastic alternative. The suburb also boasts the fun-filled Aqua Park. Read more: https://goo.gl/maps/N2295mGmEVr4RXuy6

Noosaville - This is a very upmarket area of the Sunshine Coast, with its waterfront properties, trendy cafe scene and being well-renowned as a playground for anyone who loves water sports. Noosaville is a revered destination for tourists and locals alike. Read more: https://goo.gl/maps/mNGD45KiVfWkie2M6

Harmony Estate - Imagine living in a superbly located residence that’s bordered on one side by serene, picturesque hinterland and by expanses of white sand beaches on the other. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting if you choose to live in Harmony on the Sunshine Coast. Experience beachside living while also enjoying a real village community feel and vibe. Whilst the tropical hinterland and beach is right on your doorstep, the trendy cafes and shopping of Mooloolaba and Maroochydore are only just a few minutes away from your new home.