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Our Success Stories

For nearly 40 years, Australians have invested in our hassle-free properties. We've helped both seasoned investors and first-timers. Our investors get 3 years guaranteed rent, transferred to their bank account every month.

Dave and Jules

Dave and Jules had some experience of building, but they found the construction process with Dwyer so easy that they also bought two investment properties – setting them up for a comfortable retirement.

David and Jess

David and Jess were keen to invest but didn’t know where to start. With step-by-step help from Dwyer, they ended up buying two terraces and are now enjoying guaranteed rental income and steady capital growth from both properties.


Tessa was initially a bit anxious about taking the step of investing in property, but in the two
years since she purchased a Dwyer terrace she’s had more than $120,000 of equity gain. Her only regret? Not having invested sooner.

Jayne and Alex

Jayne and Alex relocated from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast and now live in one of our contemporary four-bedroom terraces. They were so impressed with the quality and style of their home that they’re gearing up to buy another terrace as an investment.

Jason & Taya

"I was dubious at first when I first heard about Dwyer as it appeared almost too good to be true. After contacting Dwyer and going through the rather daunting process of an investment property everything was explained to us clearly and simply.

The property we invested in was on the Sunshine Coast and at the time we lived in Alice Springs. Jason Dwyer stepped us through the whole process guiding us step by step until completion.

Two years on we have had no issues and are able to basically sit back and watch our investment grow. I have since informed colleagues about Dwyer who have also invested with Dwyer and could not be happier."

Jason Cripps

Robert Harney – Mortgage Choice

As a Mortgage Broker, I have written many loans for a wide range of my clients many of whom have invested in property.

An increasing number of our clients have built investment properties with Dwyer Property Investments where they have been looked after with a quality product, they also have had no issues with valuations as there are no big marketing fees or commission built into the construction price

They offer fantastic service, their workmanship and attention to detail is first class. "I was so impressed with their product I bought one myself"

Justin & Claire Bree

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how happy I am with the house. I have to say that the quality of the workmanship is outstanding.

The house has exceeded all expectations and as a result of the inspection I am a little disappointed that Claire and I are not moving in. The quality of the build is exceptional and it is obvious that there has been a great deal of attention given to detail with regards to the overall finish of the home. I cannot imagine a circumstance where anyone would be disappointed with the build quality of a Dwyer Quality home.

Claire and I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you for the time and effort spent assisting us with our first investment property. We could not have hoped for a better outcome. Your thoroughness and experience was great and helped us through every stage of the process. From the very outset you were very honest, open and genuine in your desire to ensure the success of our investment.

If we do decide to purchase another investment home, we simply would not think of going to anyone else. Thanks again

Justin and Claire Bree

Trevor & Lee's Story

Trevor and Lee are Brightwater residents who are now Brightwater investors too. As newcomers to property investment, they were looking for a solution that would make investment process simple and hassle-free.

"The quality of the workmanship of our
Dwyer home exceeded our expectations.
The assistance we received from the start
has been outstanding."
Trevor Stanyard


Trevor Stanyard & Lee Brignull

"The quality of the workmanship of our Dwyer home exceeded our expectations. The assistance we received from the start has been outstanding."


Purchase Price


Estimated Property Value As Of July 2016


Equity Growth Per Year

Trevor and Lee's Story

Trevor and Lee are Brightwater residents who are now Brightwater investors too. As newcomers to property investment, they were looking for a solution that would make investment process simple and hassle-free.

Total Upfront Investment:

Rental Guarantee Per Week:

Purchase Date & Location:
May 2012, Brightwater

"On behalf of Lee and myself, I would like to thank you and your team for the service and ongoing service of our first investment property in Brightwater estate on the Sunshine Coast.
The assistance we received from the start has been outstanding. As newcomers to investment properties, Dwyer Property Investments made it so simple for us. The quality of the workmanship of our Dwyer home exceeded our expectations and we are very happy with the finished product.
What can I say, this has been hassle free for us both and knowing we have a guaranteed rental income for three years is an added bonus. I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about getting an investment property to use Dwyer Property Investments."
Trevor Stanyard & Lee Brignull

Tessa Craig

"We really did not know where to start and who to trust but knew we should  be investing in property. After meeting Jason from Dwyer Property Investments, it was clear from the start that they were a genuine, honest and trustworthy company"

As a first time investor, it can be a minefield out there and many would-be investors give up. The process can be made very simple with good advice and planning. The fact that Dwyer Property Investments are also the builder means that there are no added costs for their investment service as they make their money from the build unlike a lot of other 'investment advisors'.


Purchase Price


Guaranteed rental income per week

$112 per week

Cash positive amount after tax

Tessa Craig

Sunshine Coast resident Tessa and her partner had never invested in property before and were not even sure if they could. After contacting Dwyer Property Investments they were taken through the process step by step and within months were the proud owners of their very first investment property.

With a tax deductible equity loan and the investment loan meant that no actual cash was needed.

The property is making over $100 per week after the tax benefits PLUS the capital growth - amazing.

Rental Guarantee Per Week:

Purchase Date & Location:
June 2019, Harmony Estate Sunshine Coast


Peter Campbell

"Within the first year, I had the property valued and was pleasantly surprised that it had a gain of around $35,000-40,000 on the valuation."


Purchase Price


Estimated Property Value As Of July 2016


Equity Growth Per Year

Peter Campbell

Peter bought his first Dwyer property in 2014 and within 18 months a bank valuation calculated $42,000 of equity gain. The guaranteed rent was making him over $100 per week, plus about $30,000 pa of capital growth, he decided to get another one with Dwyer's. He is now enjoying the growth of 2 properties, 2 hassle-free rental incomes guaranteed and is now planning his 3rd.

Property 1: February 2014, Sunshine Coast

Property 2: March 2017, Aura, Sunshine Coast

Peter's first property has recently been valued at $617,000 which is just over $20,000 per year for the 5 years since purchase.

In Peter's words:

"The perfect investment for me where the rent covers all my costs, and the properties are each making between $20 and $30K a year in capital growth. Having the rental guarantee means that I don’t need to do a thing, nor do I have any risk of vacancy, rental arrears and all the things you hear are possible with investment properties. I plan to do another one with Dwyer’s in a few years.”

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