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Buyers Say “The Time is Now” To Snap Up South-East Queensland Property

Beautiful Queensland, with its glorious weather, perfect beaches, tropical rainforests, and the Great Barrier Reef, has become the number one State for interstate migration, and it’s easy to see why. And south-east Queensland, specifically the Sunshine Coast, seems to be where it’s all happening! Did you know that 70% of Queensland’s population live in south-east Queensland? Every day, the Queensland lifestyle entices people from all over the world to visit, work, and settle in the Sunshine State.

Now that we’re seeing an easing of COVID 19 restrictions,  people are on the move again. We’re already seeing a dramatic increase in buyer activity from Noosa right down to the New South Wales border. In addition, there’s been a noticeable jump in enquiries and sales on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. Some of these areas have, thankfully, remained unscathed from the pandemic, so-much-so that they’re now reporting a mini property boom. Real estate agents right up and down the south-east coast are telling similar stories.

Most agents say they’re extremely busy, and that the rebounding property market is keeping them on their toes due to a substantial increase in both online and phone enquiries. There’s generally a wide range of property available, ranging from low-end to high-end, with enquiries from interstate buyers surpassing pre-COVID 19 levels of enquiry.

It appears that the pandemic has had little effect on high ticket sales in SE Qld, with the following sales effected in just a few weeks –

  • At 2 Heron Avenue, Mermaid Beach, a $25 million transaction was completed.
  • At practically the same time, at 1-3 La Scala Court, Isle of Capri, a $11.75 million transaction was finalised.
  • Pat Rafter’s prestigious home on the Sunshine Coast sold for $17 million.
  • A stunning property at 54 Orient Drive, Sunshine Coast sold for $2.505 million. This was an online auction with six registered bidders and 55 online bids.
  • At Main Beach, a beautiful home sold for over $5 million.

Life Is for Living Right Now

It seems that the COVID 19 pandemic has fuelled the desire of many people to actually take the step of living life to the fullest. To this end, local real estate agents in Mooloolaba, L. J. Hooker and Ray White, are reporting an astonishing increase in enquiries leading to sales, as people choose to live an idyllic lifestyle close to the ocean.

In south-east Queensland, buyer activity from Noosa to the New South Wales border is already on the up-and-up, and it’s predicted that when the borders officially open there will be a wave of cashed up buyers entering this property market.

Now that we’re almost post-pandemic, the beautiful Sunshine Coast is expected to become even more popular. For many people, the pandemic and very real threat to our lives and lifestyle, has caused them to stop and re-evaluate their current lifestyle, realising that Queensland offers everything they ever dreamed of. No longer will Queensland be simply a beautiful place to visit; it will now become home to many who have already tasted its many delights.

Property Prices Can Only Increase

Increasing property prices

Property in south-east Queensland, and the Sunshine Coast in particular, is still excellent value for money, and the desirability for property in Queensland will only increase with the upgrade of the Sunshine Coast airport. This will dramatically increase the number of flights in and out by 2021. The result is, of course, that this increase in demand for property will likely push prices even further. Agents believe that the recent flurry of sales in south-east Queensland is just a small sample of what’s to come once the borders are fully open.

Stories abound of people deciding to retire early and, now that the pandemic is almost over, they’re making life choices as to how they want to live the rest of their lives, and specifically where they want to live them. Once restrictions were eased, the local market fired up. We’ve even heard stories of interstate house hunters purchasing properties on the beach in south-east Queensland without ever seeing the property.

Once restrictions are lifted and Australia’s state borders are open, then we’ll see some serious activity in south-east Queensland’ property market.

It’s Never Too Late!

Buyers are stating that COVID 19 restrictions forced them to take stock of their current working/living/retirement situation, and to appreciate their freedom post-pandemic. Now they intend making the changes they always dreamed of, which is why we are seeing such a huge jump in activity in the south-east Queensland property market. People don’t want to wait – they want to make these changes now.

We’re also seeing buyers just entering the property market; many with plans to move as soon as possible, and others with a longer term plan to move to the south-east coast of Queensland. And it’s typically the buyers, not agents, who believe that these coastal, regional areas just an hour from Brisbane, will flourish post-pandemic.

Smart Planning for the Future

A New South Wales buyer recently spent $1.15 million purchasing two mid-range investment properties on the Sunshine Coast. He’s guaranteed a 5% rental return, and when the time comes for his own move to the Sunshine Coast he’ll already be familiar with the property market in that area.

It’s always a good move to invest in the market you anticipate living in in the future, not where you currently live. Should property prices increase exponentially in the area you want to live, then so will the price of your investment properties in the same area.

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FREE: Investor Starter Pack

Our 3-year rental guarantee for risk-free investing, explained
How we select high-yield/high-growth locations to maximise returns
3-step guide to becoming a successful property investor
Why property is one of the best investments
Must-know tips for investing in property (based on 35+ years’ experience)

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