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Dwyer Property Investments' Rental Guarantee Explained

Here is a video on how our 3 year rental guarantee works:



Hi, my name is Jason Dwyer from Dwyer Property Investments, and I want to tell you about our three year rental guarantee for a couple of reasons. One, it's the most commonly asked question by everybody. They want to know how it actually works. And secondly, it's fairly unique in the marketplace, so requires a little bit of explanation and I think it's really good.

So first I need to tell you it's totally optional. It's a contract that's signed at the beginning of the process and you decide whether you want to take it or not. How do I fix the rate? I fix the rate by doing market research on real estate.com, I do a rental appraisal myself as a licenced real estate agent. Then decide what that property is going to get on the open market, deduct about 30 or $40 a week, which covers our internal administration costs and I'd fix that price. And that's what the investor gets every week for three years.

The biggest benefit to the investor is that it is fixed and there are no gaps and no vacancies or no letting fees. So you know exactly what you're going to get every week for that three year period. So you can base your financial projections on a fixed amount, not a fictitious amount.

So, who looks after the property? We have an in-house licenced property manager who deals with all aspects of property management. They do exactly what any property manager does. They do the interviews, they do their checks, they take the bond, they lodge it with the Bond Board. They do regular inspections and appraisals and collect them in advance. So that's all exactly as any property manager does and that's all done in house by a licenced property manager.

Can the clients opt out? Yes. As an investor, it's entirely your option whether you want to stay with the rental guarantee or not. We can't opt out. We're locked in to pay you that amount for the three year period, but if your circumstances change and you want to sell the property or you want to move into the property yourself for some reason, then you can certainly opt out of that agreement. You just have to give us notice of your intentions to do so.

After the three year period, what happens after that? After three year period, you have the option of we can just assign the management rights to any other company you choose or you can carry on with us under our property management scheme, which is standard of any property management whereby the amount that the tenant is paying goes into our trust account. We take a management fee and the rest gets passed on through to you direct from our trust account as per any other property management company in Queensland.

So, people ask why do we actually do it? The main reason we do it is it gives us the point of difference in the market. So, if someone was choosing to invest with us or someone else and our property has a rental guarantee at a fixed rate, so there's no risk to that client or that investor of any vacancy, they generally choose us because of that point of difference is the main reason. The second one is that it keeps us in contact with tenants who are often going to be homeowners themselves. And as builders, that's a good thing. It also keeps us top of mind for the actual investor who is every month getting their rental income from us. So it gives us, first, point of call when they're looking at their second or third or fourth investment. They would generally come to us for that.

So in summary, it's totally optional. It gives you total peace of mind, hassle and risk-free property management. Thank you very much. You probably have some more questions, so feel free to call me, 1800 088 437  or go to the website, https://dwyerpropertyinvestments.com.au/  for more explanation.

3 year rental guarantee at Dwyer Property Investments

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Jason Dwyer from Dwyer Property Investments

Over the past eight years Jason and his team have created a business model which allows clients to buy a good quality investment property in a great location without risk, and the process is made easy while achieving good rental returns while property value goes up.

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FREE: Investing Starter Pack

Step-by-step guide to becoming a property investor
7 must-know tips for investing in property (based on 30+ years building investment properties)
How we select high-yield / high-growth investment locations (to suit your investment strategy)
How to invest with no risk of vacancy for 3 years, with our 3 Year Rental Guarantee
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