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Property Investing: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…..It Probably Is.

What really annoys me is the property spruikers offering how to make a million dollars from property in some ridiculous short period of time – it’s rubbish, it just does not happen. Property is not a get rich quick concept and never has been.

Anyone who is offering the road to riches I am going out on a limb here and calling them all liars and charlatans. Not only does it end up costing some investors a lot of heartache, it can also cause financial ruin.

In addition to that it also gives the entire industry a bad name – one bad apple can spoil the bunch.

There are a number of rules that if followed, will start you on a sound investment property wealth creation strategy.

Lesson 1. Property Booms don't last forever

During a boom everyone is optimistic and expect the good times to last forever, just as we lose our confidence during a downturn. Our property market behaves cyclically and each boom sets us up for the next downturn, just as each downturn paves the way for the next boom.

Let’s face it…while the general economic news is still generally positive today, we know that over the next few years the buoyant market conditions will be followed by a property bust and then another boom.

Just look at how our markets have performed over the last 18 months – some areas have boomed and are now slowing down and other property markets have languished.

The lesson from all this is that even as you take advantage of our booming markets, get prepared for the next phase of the property cycle. During the last cycle, most investors didn’t really have their downside covered or their upsides maximized.

Lesson 2. Beware of Property Market Doomsayers

As long as I have been investing, I remember hearing people with excuses why property values will plummet. However, in that time, well located properties have doubled in value every 7 to 10 years.

Fear is a very powerful emotion, and one that the media used to grab our attention. Sadly, some people miss out on the opportunity to develop their own financial independence because they listen to the messages of those who want to deflate the financial dreams of their fellow Australians. Most of these people have never invested in property and probably never will. Do you get medical advice from someone who has never been to Medical school no, so why take property advice from someone who has never invested in property?

Lesson 3. Follow a System

Smart investors follow a system to take the emotion out of their decisions and ensure they don’t speculate. This may be boring, but it’s profitable. Let’s be honest, almost anyone can make money during a property boom because the market covers up most mistakes. But many investors without a system found themselves in financial trouble when the market turned.

In other words, if you aren’t following a system that works in all market conditions you will be caught with your pants down when the market changes.

If you prefer to have consistent profits and reduced risk, follow a proven system. Make your investing boring, so the rest of your life can be exciting.

Lesson 4. Get Rich Quick = Get Poor Quick

Real estate is a long-term investment yet some investors chase the “fast money.”

You’ve probably met people like that - they look for that deal that will make them fabulously rich. When you see them a year later, they’re usually no better off financially and still talking about the next deal that will make them rich.

They are often influenced by the latest get-rich-quick artist with a great story about how you can join them and become stupendously wealthy.

Their stories can be very compelling, even hard to resist. They often pander to the wishes of people who would like to give up their day job to get involved in property full time, but in reality it takes most people many years to accumulate sufficient assets to do this.

Lesson 5. It's about the property

You’re in the business of property investment, yet during the last boom many investors forgot the age-old property fundamentals of buying the best property they could afford in proven locations.

Instead they got side-tracked by glamorous finance or tax strategies and some lost out.

Smart investors do it differently.

They make educated investment decisions based on research and buy a property below it’s intrinsic value, in an area that has above average long term capital growth and then add value creating some extra capital growth.


These are just 5 lessons but important ones.

There are many other factors to consider when investing in property but this is a start.


The rule that overrides all of these is that “if it sounds too good to be true, then it most probably is”

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FREE: Investing Starter Pack

Step-by-step guide to becoming a property investor
7 must-know tips for investing in property (based on 30+ years building investment properties)
How we select high-yield / high-growth investment locations (to suit your investment strategy)
How to invest with no risk of vacancy for 3 years, with our 3 Year Rental Guarantee
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